Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that persons with disabilities have access to employment, public accommodations, government services, transportation, telecommunications and commercial facilities. The placement of floor covering in certain public areas requires certain obligations from specifiers, building owners and other parties.

The United States Access Board, Guide to the ADA Standards:
provides details of the requirement for carpet with the consequential effect of carpet cushion on such installations. The possible impedance of maneuverability due to thick and soft floor coverings is discussed and illustrated diagrammatically in the document. Maximum carpet pile height, cushioning, edge treatments, transitions from carpet to tile openings and level changes are detailed in the document.

A CRI Technical Bulletin “Americans with Disabilities Act” may be viewed on the CRI website: and by selecting “Resources” / “Technical Bulletins” / “Environment and Safety”.

With additional details available at: